Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Jack O Lantern

This is the earliest picture I could find of me in costume. The year was 1985 I believe. This was when I was about one or two years old living in Downer's Grove Illinois. I was fishing for some paper at some neighborhood function with my mom. I was a Jack O' Lantern. Wouldn't be the last time I would be a Jack O' Lantern.

Fast Forward to 2008.
So my friends and I were discussing Halloween costume prospects at a cafe, and my female friend kept on mentioning how frustrating Halloween was for her, because it was always sexy this, and sexy that for the ladies. I'm replacing sl***y with sexy out of respect for the girls, but ya'll know what I mean. Anyway, I told them, that guys should have the right to dress sexy too. I thought of the most absurd sexy costume I could think of for a guy... without crossing into West Hollywood territory. We were thinking of the most common Halloween costumes, and trying to make them sexy. So why not the Jack O' Lantern? I was dared to execute my own idea. My friends should know better than to dare me to do anything.

Here's the blueprint.

And here's the final result

I ended up using felt for the stem. A speedo for the mouth, and black and a ton of orange acrylic paint for my body. The result ended up looking more creepy than sexy.

Here I was with my buddy Sam who was a floral print ghost.

This was the aftermath in the bathtub when the night was over...

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